Meals list

Our great food

California Sushi RollCarrots, Salmon, Salt, Shrimps, Tomato 4,00 $

Sushi for 2Garlic, Mushrooms, Paprika, Pepper, Salmon, Shrimps, Tomato, Tuna, Wild boar 50,00 $

Sushi and Sashimi for 2Cheese, Chips, Ham, Salami, Tomato 40,00 $

Cucumber RollCheese, Garlic, Pepper, Tomato, Tuna 8,00 $

Wild boar RollGarlic, Pepper, Wild boar 12,00 $

Salmon vegetables RollCarrots, Garlic, Green Beans, Salmon, Spinach 8,50 $

Shrimp RollGarlic, Lemon, Olive 6,50 $

Tuna RollGarlic, Herring, Lemon, Pepper, Salt 7,50 $

Best of everything for 2Garlic, Lemon, Mussels, Pepper, Shrimps, Spinach, Tomato 5,00 $